James Perry

Professional Dumbperson.

James Perry is an Actor and Writer currently working on Studio C. Visit for reel and contact info.



About the book

James Perry didn’t mean to become an actor, comedian, or YouTube star. But when he decided to take some time away from his “real” engineering job to goof off with Studio C, he discovered a fulfilling and meaningful purpose he’d been searching for all along. With characteristic humor, James explains that when it comes to finding your life’s purpose, wasting time might just be the best thing you can do.

Praise for “I still want to be an astronaut”

“They say it takes talent, good looks, charisma, and a solid work ethic to be successful in life - but James and I are proof that you don’t really need any of those.” - John Bytheway, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

“James seems wise beyond his years. His insights into living an effective life are excellent. I would recommend this book to all families.” - R Morris

“Writing a good book is difficult, as this one clearly demonstrates.” - Matt Meese, Studio C Creator

“An easy, yet thought provoking read! James utilizes humor to encourage readers to find joy and purpose in their life.” - Rick Inman

“What a great motivational read! I was impressed with both his wisdom, the way he used humor to help me want to be the best true me.” - One of my mom’s many reviews on the internet. Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.